Church of the Good Shepherd

Epiphany: a Revelation to the World

As I write this, it is now two weeks past the beginning of the Season of Epiphany. Epiphany is a  Holy Day of Obligation in the Church, and falls annually on January 6. Some people call this day the Twelfth Day of Christmas and the end of the Christmas Season. This High Holy Day is also celebrated as a day of revelation to Christians and those who believe in Jesus Christ.

You may remember the Holy Scripture in the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew that Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea. On that Holy night, Joseph and Mary were trying to find a place to rest, but there was no room for them in a house or an inn. The couple was relegated to spend the night in a stable to protect them from the elements, sharing the space with animals. That very night, the Savior of the world was born, and the prophecy of God was fulfilled, and Immanuel, “God is with us” was born of the virgin. (Isaiah 7:14) When eight days were “completed”, the Baby was circumcised according to Jewish custom and was called Jesus.

Sometime later, Wise men from the East came to Jerusalem to inquire after He who was revealed to them by God, He who had been born and who was “born King of the Jews”. These men were guided from the East by an extraordinary star, like none they had ever seen. I assume God revealed to them, in that star, that a Savior and a King had been born. These men were compelled to pay homage to this King of the Jews, and to worship Him. Never mind that these Wise Men were Gentiles, non-Jews, scholars, and kings, being led by God. God revealed His Son, the Savior Jesus Christ to these men of the East. God confirmed His Son’s diety, with the showing-forth and revelation of Christ’s ministry and purpose to the world, “that all who believed in Him were given the right to become children of God.” (John 1:12)

May you savor the days left in Epiphany as a time for Christ to be revealed to you, to our souls, and to our bodies. Alleluia!!

~Father Fleming+


Good Shepherd Church is an Episcopal Church that was originally founded in Hazelwood, PA in 1872. The church flourished and grew along with the population in and around Hazelwood. The community had a thriving commerce (steel mills, railroad, and river traffic). The Church outgrew its original meeting place, and to accommodate the church’s growth, purchased an old sheep farm, just down the street from the original meeting place, to build a new stone, brick and Belgium block church, filled with tongue and groove woodwork, and beautiful wooden beams with large wooden crosses on each one.  The architect of the church was William Halsey Wood, and upon completion, the new cornerstone was set in the church in 1891.

The people of Good Shepherd Church needed space for activities and church life, and a new two story hall was added onto the Church building in 1926, providing a place for  guilds, Bible studies, a social hall, a kitchen, and a Sunday School to meet in. In addition a manse, connected to the Parish Hall, was built for the priest. (now used for offices and meetings)

This charming and beautiful church, with its unique architecture has been designated a Pittsburgh Historic Landmark. The stained glass and painted glass windows is worth seeing and visiting.

The worship is done in the tradition of the historic Episcopal Church of the world-wide Anglican Communion. (The Church of England). We are a Eucharistically centered church that serves communion every Sunday, and our roots trace back to the beginning of the English Reformation when King Henry VIII broke with Rome in 1533 AD., and the Church of England was born.

We view our church as a Biblically orthodox Episcopal Church, which is Anglo-Catholic in worship, liturgical in form, and evangelical in preaching. We worship the Word of God, and the teaching and deity of Jesus Christ, as given to us by Holy Scripture.

All people are welcome to visit and worship in our Historic and beautiful church. We can assure you that the preaching is, and will be, biblically based. This church is filled with the love of Christ, and our love for one another. Many people have commented that they can feel the presence of the Lord, and His Holy Spirit, the moment they enter the church.

This is an exciting time in Hazelwood. New industry and commerce is growing, housing is being planned, safety in the neighborhoods is increasing, and young families are moving in. The neighborhood is convenient to Downtown, Oakland (hospitals and universities), South Side, Squirrel Hill, Swissvale, Hayes, Lincoln Place, Greenfield, and many other neighborhoods that are a short 10 minute drive.

We will be here, and we invite you to come visit, worship and grow with us, or join us for a cup of coffee after service on Sunday. Services begin at 10:00 AM.